This blog is dedicated to all things simple, old, serene, classical, and romantic. It is an attempt to recapture the simplicity of days gone by, when happiness could be found in simply lying in the grass and writing poetry. In honor of the years that came before us, and in hope of reclaiming a bit of their simplicity, I dedicate "That We Were Butterflies." WELCOME!


"Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music - do I wake or sleep?"
~ John Keats

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Butterfly Journal

I was gifted with a chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly today, and this page will be my daily update on my baby butterfly's progress!

NOTE: I have all of the butterfly memories in a private journal. I'll type it up here as soon as possible. :)


JULY 28th 2010

Not much news to report on my chysalis today: it seems that there is gentle swelling in the middle, and the waxiness of the casing is lined with very faint vein-like design. So faint you can barely see it, but I see it. The black and gold speckles, and the brilliant gold-dotted line are all glistening magically. It still looks like a waxy jem ready to be made into a pendant.

I bought a miniature rose bush today that has pink blossoms that are purple inside. It is gorgeous, and looks so pretty on my windowsill with the butterfly and my seedlings. Life is beautiful.

Oh, all these living things!


JULY 27th 2010

As of now, my chrysalis is suspended from a think wooden stick, in a plastic jug. It's a beautiful light green, pale and pearly, looking as if it is a bead ready to be hung on an elegant necklace. There are tiny black dots at the base and tip of the chrysalis, and there are golden dots speckled here and there across the waxy surface. On the right side, a long, thick golden bar promises beautiful wings: a metallic, golden reminder of the incomparable beauty of nature.

I am so protective over this little treasure; yet, it's easy to forget that this jewel-like cacoon is really a living creature in the middle of evolution!

Has anyone else raised a butterfly? I remember doing so in kindergarten, but this is my first adulthood attempt, and I'm terrified to mess up!

Shall I name it? ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

If I were in an Austen novel ...

I think I am more like Emma Woodhouse, my favorite Austen character, but this description fits me well. ;)

I am Catherine Morland!

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